About Us

Our bottom line includes improving people's lives.

Cycle Salvation is a member of the Causeway Group of Social Businesses, a growing network of socially-minded, not-for-profit ventures focused on transforming disadvantaged lives through training and employment.

Cycle Salvation operates under a triple bottom line: people, profit, planet. Cycle Salvation is staffed by individuals who have experienced barriers to employment including mental illness, poverty, homelessness, and other challenges.


Cycle Salvation is co-located with re-Cycles, a volunteer-run non-profit community bike shop. Re-Cycles sells refurbished bikes and parts, takes donations of the same, and provides a space where people can learn to repair bikes - either their own or donated bikes.

Cycle Salvation gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa / Cycle Salvation remercie sincèrement la Ville d’Ottawa de son soutien financier.


Watch two of our videos to see Cycle Salvation's impact on the community: 


May 2013 Social enterprise in action: Cycle Salvation employees explain "without things like this, I think a lot of people would be absolutely just out of luck." Video produced by the Cooperators Foundation, generous supporters of Cycle Salvation, a Causeway Work Centre social enterprise.


April 15, 2011 Feature on Cycle Salvation which strives to achieve a triple bottom line (people, profit, planet ) by providing training in bike mechanics to people who are economically disadvantaged, and at the same time diverting bikes destined for scrap and landfill. Cycle Salvation is a social business operating under the umbrella of Causeway Work Centre.